You find yourself in this scenario. You felt called to step into something new: a job, a relationship, a city, or an opportunity. You were certain of yourself, and with excitement you ventured on. But now a Goliath stands before you, taunting your every move. All it takes is one step forward from this beast, and your courage for this new adventure vanishes.


So now you wonder, how do I claim back my courage in the face of this giant opposition? How do I press forward when I feel overpowered and intimidated? How do I defeat this opposition to take back control of my destiny?

The ‘Draw the Line’ study is a five-session study unpacking the biblical story of David and Goliath. By peeling back the many layers of David’s story, you will discover real-life principles that have the capacity to completely reframe your Goliath situation. Practical and easy-to-follow exercises guide you in recovering your courage and build confident momentum to step over intimidation and into your victory. Through ‘Draw the Line’ you will awaken fresh determination and certainty within you, and grab hold of tangible tools as you press forward through adversity.


‘Draw the Line’ Collection

Paperback devotional journals are now available for preorder.