Scars of Grace Study Bundle



  • One ‘Scars of Grace’ Paperback Devotional
  • Full Web Access to ‘Scars of Grace’ Homepage:
    • 12 Video Teaching Sessions + Discussion Forums
    • Small Group Leader Guides
    • Free Social Shareables
    • Free desktop + mobile backgrounds


GRACE. We can all agree that we often throw around this “churchy” word, without really understanding the fullness of its meaning. We aren’t aware of the bold promise grace holds or comprehend the power of healing that lies in those five letters. We limit the impact of grace in our lives because we only associate grace with what Jesus did on the cross. We understand that Jesus paid for our sins: past, present and future; but that is just the beginning of the truth about grace.

Do you feel the burden of brokenness within you?

Does shame and condemnation weigh you down daily?

Or do you wonder, “How can grace truly change my life?”

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