Written Devotional Package


Paperback Devotional Journal +  11 x 17 Dream Blueprint

8 Sessions

188 pages


We all carry dreams that keep us hopeful and excited about life.  So many of us dreamers would admit we start out strong chasing after our dream, but somewhere along the way, we flounder and fall. We can come to a screeching halt when heartbreaking set-backs hit us, or a pattern of disappointments play out before us. In that vulnerable place, we are tempted to throw in the towel altogether. Our confidence fades and clarity wavers, and honestly, we just want someone to be real with us about this crazy process called dream chasing.
‘Written’ is an in-depth eight-session study, guiding you to complete your personalized Dream Blueprint.  This Blueprint frames each aspect of your journey to show you how God is already partnering with you to make your dream come to life.  As you travel through Joseph’s story in Genesis, you will walk away with more courage and clarity to keep pursuing your dream. God has a story already written your dreams, you just need the eyes to notice it, and confidence to capture and cultivate every season of the journey.

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