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Scars of Grace Study

GRACE. We can all agree that we throw around this “churchy” word from time to time. And yet, when we truly think about it, we realize that we don’t really understand the fullness of that word. We aren’t aware of the bold promise that grace holds or comprehend the power of healing that lies in those five letters. We tend to limit the impact of grace in our lives because we only associate grace with what Jesus did on the cross. We understand that Jesus paid for our sins: past, present and future; but that is just the beginning of the truth about grace.

Even with the awareness of Jesus’ sacrifice, do you still feel the burden of sin and brokenness within you? Do you still walk around everyday and feel the guilt, shame and condemnation of your sins weighing you down? Or do you simply wonder, “How can grace transform my life?

Take 12 weeks with us to unpack the vast meaning of scars of grace and explore what that means in your life. In addition to solid biblical teaching, we will hear the raw and personal stories of relatable women and how grace transformed young women’s lives. Daily devotional journals will take us deeper into scripture and provide a place for us to connect with Jesus and allow Him to turn our deepest wounds into beautiful scars of His grace.

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