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You plan away to prepare for your next event to make it truly life-changing for anyone who attends. And I would be honored to come alongside you and make that happen. From breakout sessions to keynotes, my messages can offer both hopeful inspiration and practical Biblical principles that bring life to an audience.

Below you will find information about my speaking to help you as you prepare for your event. Take a moment to review this page, and if you have any questions please contact me. I look forward to working alongside you!


I am passionate about impacting a number of individuals in various venues.   I have had great experiences working with all of these groups.


Women's retreats, conferences, luncheons, and more!

Young Adults

Young adult gatherings, retreats, or weekend conferences!


Youth events, retreats, or your next outreach!


  • Stepping Over Fear
  • This message unpacks one of the greatest hindrances to our freedom in Christ: fear.  By exploring the nature of humanity in the beginning of creation and the roots of fear in scripture, we can see the bigger picture of how God intends for us to live in Him.  Be empowered in this teaching and receive tools to help you step over fear into the future and hope that God longs for you to have!

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  • Scars of Grace

  • A message based on the devotional study,

    “Scars of Grace,” explaining the immense power of the grace of God that brings freedom and wholeness in our lives.  I unpack practical ways you can seek wholeness in your life through Christ and His Word and teach about the transformative nature of grace in your stories of faith.  Be empowered in this message to find your own grace story, and see how the Lord will turn even your deepest wounds into beautiful scars of grace.

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  • Defeating the Lie of 'Meaningless'

  • You feel aimless, bored, or insignificant in your daily grind, and have lost the spark of the dream that once lived inside you. You are overwhelmed with immense pain or heartbreak, and question God’s reasoning for dragging you through it. You fight the lie that your life right now is ‘meaningless.’ Surely God is with you just as much in the moments of deep heartache as he is in a moment of church worship. His love and presence reach you even when you don’t ‘feel’ it or see Him moving. So how do you find hope that God can inspire you in the low moments of life, without losing those powerful encounters with Him? Let’s learn how to trust God with every part of our story- from the mundane to the magnificent mountain tops. Discover truth in scripture that defeats the lie of meaningless and brings fresh perspective to your current season.

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  • Hello Love

  • Self-love is experienced when you say hello to the Author of love and initiate an intimate conversation with Him. As you walk in that honest relationship with Jesus, you will finally be empowered to say to yourself, ‘hello, love.’  In this teaching, I will share real love encounters with Jesus, as well as the powerful revelations that will guide you in your own journey to love yourself.  This isn’t a step-by-step teaching where ‘if you do this, then you will be healed,’ but it is an inspirational tool to guide you in encountering the love of Jesus Christ that will reveal a new level of embracing and loving yourself.

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  • Custom Message

  • I would love to create a unique message just for your event.  Contact me with information about your event theme or concept, and I will work to customize a tailored message just for your group.

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