Written Study



We all carry dreams that keep us hopeful and excited about life.  Maybe yours is landing that career, finding your spouse, or building a successful business. But if we were honest, so many of us dreamers would admit we start out strong chasing after our dream, and somewhere along the way, we flounder and fall. We can come to a screeching halt when heartbreaking set-backs hit us, or a series of disappointments play out before us. In that vulnerable place, we are tempted to throw in the towel altogether. Your confidence fades and clarity wavers- you just want someone to be real with you! In this crazy process called dream-chasing, maybe you want someone to stand with you, and have those heart-to-heart moments where you feel known, validated, and assured that you have what it takes to continue in your dream.


Capture your dreams like never before in this eight-session study experience. Written will guide you to complete your personalized Dream Blueprint: framing each distinct aspect of your dream story.  Discover the path to your dream and be equipped with the tools and principles to tangibly bring your dream to life. Travel through Joseph’s story in Genesis to refresh your courage and clarity. God has a story written out for your dream already, you just need the eyes to notice it, and confidence to press through every season of the journey!




Scars of Grace



GRACE. We can all agree that we often throw around this “churchy” word, without really understanding the fullness of its meaning. We aren’t aware of the bold promise grace holds or comprehend the power of healing that lies in those five letters. We limit the impact of grace in our lives because we only associate grace with what Jesus did on the cross. We understand that Jesus paid for our sins: past, present and future; but that is just the beginning of the truth about grace.

Do you feel the burden of brokenness within you?

Does shame and condemnation weigh you down daily?

Or do you wonder, “How can grace truly change my life?”


Draw the Line Study



You find yourself in this scenario. You felt called to step into something new: a job, a relationship, a city, or an opportunity. You were certain of yourself, and with excitement you ventured on. But now a Goliath stands before you, taunting your every move. All it takes is one step forward from this beast, and your courage for this new adventure vanishes.


So now you wonder, how do I claim back my courage in the face of this giant opposition? How do I press forward when I feel overpowered and intimidated? How do I defeat this opposition to take back control of my destiny?

The ‘Draw the Line’ study is a five-session study unpacking the biblical story of David and Goliath. By peeling back the many layers of David’s story, you will discover real-life principles that have the capacity to completely reframe your Goliath situation. Practical and easy-to-follow exercises guide you in recovering your courage and build confident momentum to step over intimidation and into your victory. Through ‘Draw the Line’ you will awaken fresh determination and certainty within you, and grab hold of tangible tools as you press forward through adversity.




As women, we all want so badly to experience a confidence that radiates from a place of true self-love.  Often, we live in the tension of knowing we can and should love ourselves, but struggle to live it out.  The fight to love ourselves in today’s culture is real- and it’s a fight that many of us lose on a daily basis.  We struggle to silence our inner-critic and rid our minds of self-hatred and false expectations.  And we battle with giving our past mistakes the authority of telling us who we are.  Each of us faces the inner-turmoil of these fights, and everyday we sacrifice our joy and purpose when we give into self-hatred.
The Hello Love Study is a six-session study.  Special guest, Kaitlin Gibson, joins Laura Dudek to share their real love encounters with Jesus, as well as the powerful revelations that will guide you in your own journey to loving yourself.  This isn’t a step-by-step study in where, ‘if you do this, then you will be healed,’ but is an inspirational tool to guide you in encountering the love of Jesus Christ that will reveal a new level of embracing and loving yourself.
Self-love is experienced when we say ‘hello’ to the Author of love and initiate an intimate conversation with Him.  As we walk in that honest relationship with Jesus, we will finally be empowered to say to ourselves, ‘hello, love.’


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