Are you feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in your journey of pursuing your dreams?

Maybe you’re confused about how to create a plan of action, or weighed down by a few set-backs,

and now you wonder, ‘what’s next?’

What if you could create a personalized Dream Blueprint that will set a plan

in motion to tangibly bring your dream to life?

Join the ‘Written’ journey! We will explore together the in’s and out’s of your story in order to craft a personalized master plan to capture your dream!  God has already written the story for your dreams- you just need the eyes to notice it and confidence to capture it!


Purchase Full Online Access, Including:

  • 8 Video Teachings
  • ‘Written Worship Session’ with recording artist, Keri Cardinale
  • ‘Dream Dialogues’ with a panel of experienced dreamers
  • Social Media Shareables
  • Written Mobile + Desktop Backgrounds
  • Small Group Resources to lead your own community